Past winners

2022 Winners

Best Visualizations

A predictive tool to identity at risk adolescents by Jenna Boguslavsky, Rebecca Combs, Emily Du, Helene Gu, Athena Yao

The judges were impressed by this team’s effective use of the entire collection of visualizations to effectively communicate their results through multiple channels.

Best Insight

Reordering minigames with personalized Recommendation System by Jianbo Bin, Yuge Jin, Chengkai Peng, Jingnan Wang, Yijie Wang

The judges were impressed that this team recognized a real problem of people not finishing the game and created a recommender system to do something actionable to address it.

Best Use of Statistical Analysis

Investigation into Elm City Stories’ MiniGame Design by Bridge Hu, Andy Liu, Jacqueline Ma, Andy Wulu, Cara Yang

The judges were impressed that this team carefully played the game in order to decide to focus on minigames. They did a great job with the data pre-processing, and the judges liked their careful analysis of the data.

Judges’ Pick

Project recognized by the judges for outstanding achievement outside of the core award categories.

Evaluating Character Differences in the Top and Bottom Performing Students with a Custom Score by Joseph Ilagan, Aryan Mathur, Lina Nayvelt

The judges were impressed by this team’s great presentation and that they focused on the personality and psychology. The team outlined their objectives clearly, the real-world application, and discussion.

Honorable Mention

Exploring effectiveness of the game by Xiaoyin Kang and Ziying Ye

The judges were impressed by the fact this was the only team who made an important distinction of the data in terms of users vs. the avatars of specific players playing multiple times under different identities.