Workshops are graciously hosted by Duke’s Center for Data and Visualization Sciences. Live workshops along with links to register are listed below. Additionally, links to several previously recorded workshops are provided.

Live workshops

March 7

Regular expressions (with stringr!)

  • Location: Bostock 127 (The Edge Workshop Room)

  • Time: 12-1pm

  • Description: The purpose of this workshop is to introduce text wrangling with regular expressions using the stringr package in R. Content will include general principles for constructing regular expressions for pattern matching as well as demos and practice exercises in R.

  • Register: Click here to register.

March 9

An introduction to data analysis with R

  • Location: Bostock 127 (The Edge Workshop Room)

  • Time: 1-3pm

  • Description: A gentle introduction to R and the Tidyverse using RStudio. This two-hour, hands-on session introduces data wrangling, visualization, and exploratory data analysis (EDA). Our focus will be the the dplyr and ggplot2 packages. Tidyverse, is an approachable set of consistent data science tools enabling the R statistical programming language.

  • Register: Click here to register

Pre-recorded workshops

Data Visualization

Effective Data Visualization
Presenting Data Science Results to Stakeholders
Intro to Tableau
Visualization in Python with Altair

Data wrangling in Python

Intro to Tablular Data in Python & JupyterLab
Tidy data (melt) & JOIN (merge)
GroupBy & Pivot Tables