2023 Winners

Best Visualizations

Services, questions and cases by Stanley Borden & Venkat Ravi.

The judges were impressed by this team’s county level choropleth map of % of cases closed, particularly with annotating states to take note of.

Best Insight

Factors contributing to unanswered and unresolved questions by Micah McMinn, Emily Kuykendall, Laura Cai & Ayush Batra.

The judges were impressed by the recommendation to randomize the order in which attorneys see questions so that late-night questions can be answered.

Best Use of Statistical Analysis

Analyzing response times and question sentiment in ABA free law answers by Joey Ilagan, Perrin Myerson & Aryan Mathur.

The judges were impressed by their model of response time to questions and hypothesis test on sentiment analysis results.

Best Use of Outside Data

Recruitment, distribution and questions by Sophie Guo, Carrie Hang, Hanoc Codjie, Lipsa Tripathy & Alejandra Camargo.

The judges were impressed by formal vs. informal language analysis grounded in literature.

Judges’ Pick

Project recognized by the judges for outstanding achievement outside of the core award categories.

Defending the Defenders: where the bar is excelling and how they can improve by Mitch Harrison, Hamza Khan, Aaron Zhu & Amy Zhou

The judges were impressed by this team’s ability to bring together outside data, create impressive visualizations, and the team’s overall creativity with metric development, and recommendations about outreach.

Past winners

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